Book Review – The Gunslinger: The Dark Tower Series Book #1


From the cover: The opening chapter in the epic Dark Tower series. Roland, the last gunslinger, in a world where time has moved on, pursues his nemesis, The Man in Black, across a desert. Roland’s ultimate goal is the Dark Tower, the nexus of all universes. This mysterious icon’s power is failing, threatening everything in existence.   


Wow. That is the exact word that first comes to mind when I think of this book. I first got interested in The Dark Tower Series after reading Stephen King’s “The Stand”. I wanted to read another edge of my seat, gripping novel from King, and this was the perfect series for it. I bought the first 4 together and will be ordering the rest at a later time.


You can easily see King’s superb and thrilling writing style in this book. It has such amazing imagery to it that I actually feel as if I’m standing beside Roland as he is in a heated battle, both guns a-blazing. Its such a mysterious story, it makes you want to keep reading and reading. I find it hard to put it down. It draws you in so much, you can almost feel the emotions exploding from the pages.


If you like The Stand, you will love these books. I cannot wait to finish the second book in the series: The Drawing of the Three.





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