Review: CAO Moontrance and CAO Carmelo Joe Cigars

Cigar Review: CAO Moontrance and CAO Carmelo Joe

Lets start with the moontrance.

The Moontrance was hyped up to me by my sister. I thought it was going to be one amazing cigar. What I was left with was a Mild cigar, very slightly sweet, that left a sting. The mild-ness was ok, not overbearing. The sweetness was slight, not very noticeable. The sting was what got me. It left a bad taste on my tongue. Not enjoyable by my standards, but your experiences may differ.

 CAO Moontrance’s are blended with all natural  fruit, bourbon vanilla extract, Georgia peach nectar, and Hawaiian white honey. The filler consist of a Nicaraguan blend, and it is wrapped in African Cameroon leaves. The price was very good, around $3 at Outman Cigars.

Next we have the CAO Carmelo Joe.

Made by the same company that made the Moontrance, but much better, in my opinion of course. The Carmelo Joe was very mild, sweet, and extremely smooth. This is my second favorite cigar. It had a very deep-mild flavor, a sweetness that complimented it very well, and was extraordinarily smooth. Very enjoyable.

The Carmelo Joe is a combination of dark roasted espresso, frothed milk, and topped with caramel. The flavors blend exceedingly well with the Dominican tobacco blend, and is wrapped in an African Cameroon wrapper. The same price as the Moontrance, about $3.

And to end it, me smoking the Carmelo Joe:


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