Huge steel safe:1 Me: 0

WARNING: This post shows some trauma done to my finger, do not continue to read if you are super easily grossed out. Its not that bad, but Ill just leave this warning anyways.

So while at work last night, I was closing the safe, which is about 5 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet wide, 2 1/2 feet deep. Everything was going as normal, I pulled the handle and pushed it closed. I always hold on to the handle and push to top of it with my hand because the door is so heavy. I wasnt paying attention and my index finger on my left hand was just inside the safe door when I closed it. Keep in mind, the door is 3/4 an inch thick and weighs almost 200 lbs. Yes, it crushed my finger.

So since I did this at work, it had to go to the ER. Im glad I did, because it hurt extremely bad. I had to do all that workers comp jazz, so at least I dont have to pay for it.

The hospital cauterized a hole in the middle of my fingernail to relieve the pressure caused by the blood. Needless to say, all that blood came out of the hole VERY fast.

Now I have to wear that for awhile. How wonderful.


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