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On my blogger friends site, Socialsistersblog.wordpress.com she is doing a Q&A game thingy. I though it would be interesting. So here we go.

1. Are you a morning person or night person?

Night. I absolutely HATE mornings

2. Do you have a weird trick/ talent?

Uhm, I dont think so. Im double jointed in my thumbs so does that count?

3. Favourite year of school? 

This year, because Ill be graduating.

4. What do you think of animal cruelty

Too mean to answer honestly, so I think its very wrong.

5. Rather listen to 1 day of autotuned artist or heavy metal?

Heavy metal. Autotuned is for tpain.

6. If you had to choose, would you be a Belieber (Justin Bieber fan) or a Directioner (One Direction fan)

Justin Bieber because Idunno what one direction is. Lol.

7. Facebook vs Twitter?

Facebook :O


8. Desktop computer or laptop?

Laptop, id rather sit on my couch than at a desk.

9. Electric or acoustic guitar?

Depends. If im feeling rock and roll, then electric. If im feeling mellow, acoustic.

10. Which country do you want to visit and why?

Hm, australia, for the beaches(and the girls are cuter) and Germany, because german history fascinates me.

11. Would you rather be bald or have hair down to your feet?

bald. I hate having to fix my hair.


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