Review – Ecosystem Plain Notebook

Ecosystem Plain Notebook

“One of the pleasures of “notebook” writing is,

of course, that the writer is free to make indefensible utterances–

and it is then up to her or him, or to authorized literary executors,

to censor them (or not). You can say anything. It’s alright.”

Anselm Hollo

The Ecosystem Notebook. Quite impressive, actually. This was my first serious notebook (other than cheap spiral bound ones for school) and I can say with confidence that I’m glad I bought it. I did some research and was initially set on purchasing a Moleskine notebook. I had glanced over the ecosystem, but didnt really think anything of them. So I went to Barnes and Noble to look for a Moleskine that would fit me. I was looking at a plain medium sized one, but B&N was sold out. So I looked around some more and saw a display for Ecosystem Notebooks. So I thought, ‘Why not give it a try’.

I read about it on the cover and saw it was made complete in the USA (Go ‘Merica!) and that it was completely made of recycled products. Now I’m not a green machine or anything, but I do recycle and I generally care about keeping our planet clean. So I chose to get the Onyx plain notebook. I took it home and opened it up and began writing. The pages are smooth (as long as you are provided with a good pen) and it feels good to hold. The elastic band to close it feels more durable than other notebooks, and its big enough to write comfortably in. You can really feel that it is made well. Ive filled up only about 3 or 4 pages so far, but I cannot wait to fill it up even more. I highly recommend this notebook. They are fun to write in and strong enough even for me.


Durability- 5/5.




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