There is just something about……..

an old truck. If you’ve never experienced and old pickup truck, you’re missing out. Now this isn’t just some country boys rant. There is something to driving and old truck. Its like your driving something that is one of the few things still on the road. They’re simple, powerful(mine is at least), and can do just about anything. There’s something about the way they drive, the way the sound, and the way they ride. There’s not anything else like them on the road. New truck dont even stand a chance. And cars, well, they’re just cars.

This is my 1988 Ford F150. Now for all you car lovers, and truck gurus, you’ll like this part. Its got a 5.8L, 351 cubic inch, EFI engine. The 5.8 under the hood was only in about 10% of f150s made in 1988. This thing will fly.Β Dont ask me how I know πŸ˜› . Itll pull just about anything, with ease. Im proud to have this as a daily driver.

Edit: I also slapped a Cherrybomb Glasspack under it to give it more growl πŸ˜‰

Kinda proud of this shot πŸ˜€


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