Starting a ‘How-to’ series.

So I am going to start a how-to series on everything you need to know about choosing a guitar, buying one, beginner practice techniques, and guitar maintenance. I hope I can help out any aspiring guitar players out there.

Playing a guitar is more than just picking it up and plucking a few strings. Its a stress reliever, a boredom relinquisher, and its just amazing. It becomes part of your life when you learn to play (as long as you want it to be).

By the end of this series I hope you will be getting cold chills as you strum a difficult chord progression, perfectly, or nail a tricky riff.

Enjoy :D.


2 thoughts on “Starting a ‘How-to’ series.

  1. excellent plan. Good blog.. I have a strong desire to play some very simple blues.. so anything to help me do that.

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