There Will Never Be Enough

I have a theory on music. There will never be enough music. Music is just awesome. It takes you a place where only certain things can take you. My top three bands are:

  1. Aerosmith
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. Foo Fighters.

No matter how many cds I have by these three bands, it will never be enough music.

Nope. Not enough. Definitely not enough Aero. This is all of my Aerosmith on itunes. I want more =/ .

DEFINITELY not enough Foo. This is all of my foo fighters on itunes. Friggin’ awesome, yet still not enough.

WOO! This is a pretty decent amount of RHCP. But its still not enough.

I think we can come to the conclusion that you can never have enough music. Music is in my veins, constant songs play in my head.

Music is great.

Music is the best form of art.

Music takes skill.

Music is ………… awesome.

Thanks and God Bless!


4 thoughts on “There Will Never Be Enough

  1. Well said… Aerosmith = awesomeness but sadly never got to see them live. Foos and Chilli’s = double awesomeness!! Seen them both few years ago but off to see the Foo’s at the Bowl in July..cannot wait!

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