My Darlins – Part 4

My Darlins – Part 4

This is the last part of the My Darlins series. My darlins are my guitars. This is my last one. Lets roll.

This is my acoustic. Ive played christian music,Ā  Jack Johnson songs, and even a little country on here. Its my Epiphone Pr-150 acoustic(can you tell I like epiphone? šŸ˜› ). Outfitted with cleartone strings, its a dreadnought with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. Amazing for the price. I love this as it has great tone and sound. Ive performed on it twice, and it exceeded my expectations. I love it dearly šŸ˜› .


2 thoughts on “My Darlins – Part 4

  1. Nice Guitars …but what caught my attention was the stuff behind the guitar.

    Whats he got on that stand I wonder. Just blurry enough so I can’t be entirely sure..

    A fllashlight

    Red box, packaging of some sort….

    Funny thing is, the stuff never moves, from picture to picture…
    and whats that brown blob, is that a hat?

    (Nice blog by the way)

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