The WhirlPool Galaxy

In 1773, Charles Messier saw something that caught his eye in the night sky. It was a galaxy, in the shape of a whirlpool. Its name is M51, but it took on the name Whirlpool Galaxy. It did not become known that it was in the shape of a whirlpool until 1845, by Lord Rosse.

In 2005, the Hubble telescope noticed something strange. In the middle of this Galaxy is a strange formation. That formation, is a cross. Some may think it looks like an x, but take a closer look:

That looks an awful lot like a cross to me.

The reason is does not look like an X to me is because the vertical part is bigger than the horizontal part. It seems like its meant to be viewed from an angle, as if the camera was below the direction that the formation was facing. Either way, I see a cross.

It stands out to me because its like God is sending us a sign that He still rules. That he can make something 23 light years away, resemble what his son died on for our sins. I know most astronomers will try to prove some point as to the cross appearing in the Whirlpool galaxy, but I know its from God.

I see the same thing with technology: Even here God still rules. Read more about the whirlpool galaxy here.


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