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So the 8bit teams websites are by far my favorite websites. I actually got an article posted on their website Church IT. Go check out some of their sites. Ill provide links at the bottom.


Heres my article.


Software Even God Might Install

While the title may be a  bit goofy (and the whole post is just for fun), this could be some of the software God might have on his computer.


Just to clarify, I’m not saying that God gets on the computer, or has a need to, I’m just saying that if God did own a mac or a pc, this could possible be the software he has on it.

These reviews are exactly what it says, a review. This is my experiences with them, yours may be different. But just know that the reviews that you’re reading are not sugarcoated, influenced by anyone but myself, and does not hold anything back.

So lets begin.


Bible Max

Bible Maximum, or Bible Max for short, is software that allows you to view the whole bible, in different translations, right on on your computer. If you do not have a Bible handy, and are on your computer, then you could use this. It has a nice blue theme, and is laid out pretty well.

In the middle of the screen when you open up Bible Max is the book where you last left off, or if you just downloaded it, Genesis 1:1 will be there. On the left side is all of the books of the Bible, in folder form. Expanding the folder will allow you to see the chapters. On the top right side is the commentary window. There you are able to write your own notes or view commentaries written by other people.

Very useful if you wish to get a second opinion on what you think that chapter or book is about. On the bottom right is the resources window. You can search the chosen translation of the bible for certain resources. Heading the top of the whole window is the utilities bar, a search bar, advertisements, and where you can select which translation you prefer. Overall its pretty simple to use and looks fairly good.

My only problem is those darn ads. Upon opening Bible Max, your greeted with a small window asking if you would like to purchase the $2.99 cd which gives you more translations and different features. Im guessing that the window will always come up until you purchase and install the cd. Also, at the top, near the search bars, is more ads. These ads are paid ads, and are for random stuff. The ads appearing on mine right now is Earn a Bible Degree, Standard Full Color Bible, and 3 Free Sermons. See, pretty random.

So, overall, this is good software that has been downloaded a lot, has good reviews, and gets the job done pretty well. This is good to have open if you’re working on a sermon, message, or blog post, and want to quickly reference the Bible. It ever conforms to look good while in the snap feature of Windows 7.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

God could possibly have this software on his computer, and use it whenever the devil tries give him some malicious software. Malware is short for malicious software, and is a pretty nasty thing to get on your computer. My experiences with Malware have not been good.

Needless to say, it made my computer go into a full spaz attack. It was pretty bad. But then, to the rescue, came Malwarebytes‘ Anti-Malware. It allows you to perform a quick scan, a full scan, or a flash scan. The quick scan will usually do the trick when getting rid of Malware, but if you think that there may be some hidden, then I would recommend a full scan.

The flash scan is only available to licensed users, and will quickly scan memory and autorun objects. When you computer is heavily infected, use the full scan, as it will scan every nook and cranny where malware could be hiding. I perform regular scans with the quick scan, and it does the job. It is laid out very well, in a simple gray background, headed by the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware logo. When you first open up the program, you have the option of selecting which type of scan you wish to run. At the bottom you can choose to register or purchase.

Below the logo is tabs. Those tabs are (preceding from left to right) Scanner, Protection, Update, Quarantine, Logs, Ignore List, Settings, More Tools, and About. Each tab page is laid out well, and is simple to operate. I see nothing wrong with this. No annoying ads, nothing constantly telling you to upgrade, or nothing like that.

Well friends, I hope you found my reviews helpful. Again, this was just for fun. Im not blaspheming the name of God or anything like that. Just know that these reviews were straight up and not influenced. Even if God does not use these programs, these will certainly help you in your walk with God(Bible Max), and will keep you stress free by making sure no malicious software gets on your machine (Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware).

Take care friends and God Bless!


Heres those links

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