Inspiration: The 8bit Team

Inspiration: The 8bit Team

I know what you’re thinking, “Hes just trying to suck up to 8bit”. Well you’re wrong. I have been truly inspired by the 8bit team. I was looking for a cool website on christian stuff and tech, and there it was. The 8bit sites are so awesome, I check them everyday. The content is amazing, and you can see the dedication from the team. They inspired me to start blogging. I’ve gotten so many tips on blogging ,and on just about everything, from them. The also inspired me to start my ministry website.

I saw how good they were at intertwining Jesus, with technology, and it blew me away. The articles always keep me coming back for more.  I hope to make my websites as good as theirs. I cant express enough how awesome their websites are. I first started viewing, and then found out about all of the other sites they had to offer. Its amazing how such a small team, can create such works of art.

So all in all, The 8bit team has been a big inspiration to me. I hope to get a team like them one day, and start an awesome website like theirs. Gotta love 8bit.

Thanks for reading. God Bless!


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