Top Software.

Top Software

So this is just my opinion of some really good software that I use. I hope it’ll help you out :D.

Computer protection and stuff:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This will help clean malicious malware that may be calling your computer home.
  • Spy-Bot Search and Destroy. This will help get rid of nasty spyware and whatnot.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials. This is good all around protection for your machine.
  • Avg Anti Virus. While I’ve never used it, Ive heard nothing but good things about it.
  • CC Cleaner. A useful program for removing other programs.

Computer Tools and Productivity:

  • 7zip. Good for unzipping files.
  • Winrar. Good for opening Rar files and a bunch of other unique file formats.
  • Adobe.  Adobe is software that you will get a lot of use out of. My favorites are Reader and Rome.
  • Java. Java allows you to run programs that require Java. Very useful.
  • Biblemax. The full Bible in different translations.
  • Kind of like paint, but a whole lot stronger and with more tools.
  • Pod to Pc. A useful program for managing Ipod Music.
  • Darkroom. A good wordprocessing program that allows for full focus and productivity.

Entertainment and Games:

  • IJJI reactor. A good program for accessing all of IJJI’s free online games.
  • Acid Express 7.0. A music making program thats free, easy to use, comes with free loops, and gives free loops out every week.
  • Audacity. A program that is good for managing audio recordings.
  • iTunes. Like anything needs to be said about this awesome program.


This is my opinion of internet browsers, from first to last.

  1. Safari. Fast and simple to use. Plus its awesome, Duh.
  2. Google Chrome. Cool, customizable, and very safe.
  3. Internet Explorer. Classic, reliable, and fairly simple.
  4. Firefox. Stylish, popular, and does its job.

Most of the can be found on

I advise that you scan your computer with the virus scanners and cleaners fairly often.

I hope I helped ya’ll out.

Thanks for reading. Love you guys! God Bless!

Jarrod C.


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