Music in the Church.

My take on music in the church.
So I’ve seen alot of stuff on the web, and other places also, about music in the church. Ive seen so many times about how people think that only traditional music should be played in church, and that any music that is different should not be allowed. Why is that?
What kind of music that should be played in church has been debated for a long time. The bible never really says anything on the type of music that should be played, but it does say in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that whatever you should do, do it to honor God. I think of that verse as it is saying that no matter whether its rap, country, rock, or metal, if it honors God then its all good. It saddens me that when some people think of metal, they automatically think of the death and evil that most metal says in its lyrics. Yet metal bands like Demon Hunter are just as hard as other metal bands, yet they are a strong christian band.

1 Corinthians 8:13 says that if he(the author) does something that causes his brother to fall, that he should not do that anymore. I take from that as it saying that if what you do is causing someone else to sin, then stop what you are doing. You can link that to music by saying that if the music you listen to or create does not cause someone to fall or sin, then you should keep listening and playing.

My belief on the whole subject is, that if the music is not bad, and glorifies God, then it should be played every service. I believe that you cannot reach out to the lost, by playing music that is not attractive. Ok Wait before you jump to conclusion. I know that in finding the lost that we should not try to meet their every need, but playing music that appeals to them, will get them interested, and maybe, in turn, they become saved. This is not the best example, but the Metal/Rap band, Insane Clown Posse, has recently told to interviewers that they are followers of God. Their song ‘Thy Unveiling’ clearly states that they have always been following God, and that God has been a part of their act from the beginning. I know that all the profanity in their lyrics may not be the best, but they reach out to a certain crowd that most will never even get to say hello to. I know some people think that its wrong what their doing(their way of reaching out to people), but their reaching out none the less, which is wwaayy better than not reaching out at all.

So whatever your take is on music in the church, I hope I made an impact on peoples opinion. Whether you like me or not, as long as I made an impact and got you thinking, thats all that matters. All I want is for people to see that the different kinds of music that glorify God are not bad. Im not bagging on traditonal music whatsoever, after all, I grew up on it. So thanks for reading. Love you guys! God Bless!


3 thoughts on “Music in the Church.

  1. So, didn’t perry say, Jesus didn’t die on the cross for music. We don’t go to church to worship the music. I agree music about sex or drugs or something shouldn’t be played in church but the music shouldn’t be the main focus or what you’re worried about in church. And when you pick a church, imo, you should look at the staff and what they believe and are doing not whether they’re playing hymns from the 1900s or contemporary music.

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