Tips on Blogging

Tips on Blogging

So I know I haven’t been blogging that long, but I have learned quite a lot in my short time. So here they are:

  • When something to blog about pops into your mind, go write about it then or write down the idea
  • Make sure its grammatically correct, if not people wont see your blog as serious
  • If your a christian blogger, blog about other secular stuff, and have God in there somewhere, to show his importance.
  • Make sure your blog looks awesome, like a good design, a good logo, and you can even change up some fonts here and there.
  • Be able to take criticism. If your at fault, fix what was wrong.
  • Post links on social network sites to get your blog noticed.
  • Don’t be too offensive. Its cool to state your beliefs, but don’t thrash others
  • And lastly, Post media. Media makes a blog look more attractive(but don’t over do it)

Those are my tips on blogging. A site that really helped me out is . Go check it out sometime.

Thanks for reading, God Bless!


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