Judgementalness (maybe?)



Ok so the title may not be a real word, but oh well. Ive been reading a few blogs on the WordPress site, and it amazed me at how many people dislike christians and christianity as a whole. I mean, I knew that people disliked christians, but my goodness. Its crazy how many people are so quick to judge christianity by the few(or many) arrogant and snobby christians they come across. It bugs the heck out of me how people can call themselves christian, yet are stuck up snobs. Christian means to be a follow of Jesus Christ, yet some christians act nothing like Jesus. I know its not easy to act like Jesus, but you can share some traits with the guy. Like kindness, love, and compassion, just to name a few, that people can easily pick up. I just wish the people who are quick to judge christians, look deeper and find the true genuine christians. I know I’m no perfect christian, but I don’t put on a fake image. I guess all we can do for the people who judge christianity as a whole from the fake christians they meet, is pray for them. Thanks for reading!

In Christs Love,

Jarrod C.


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